Originally I was going to record on the Nene Valley Railway at the Yarwell junction entrance to Wansford tunnel. We walked quite a way to get there but had just missed the train (bad planning on our part) It was very hot and stifling in the cutting and the thought of an hours wait for the next service was a bit daunting. We abandoned the idea and walked back to the car. Liz then found she had lost her camera’s lens cap. I volunteered to go and look for it. I walked all the way back to the tunnel mouth with no success. When I returned to the car she had found it! We decided to go to Lolham for an hour or so and after hacking through some vicious stingers and with copious use of some handy dock leaves managed to get some recordings of mainline expresses.

recording at lolham bridges (54)          recording at lolham bridges (28)